Travels Through The Universe

Travels Through The Universe

I want to travel through the atmosphere
Into space, out of here
Past Mars, Jupiter and Uranus
To far flung galaxies,
Distant places
Colourful nebulas, constant sunrises
On a galactic surfboard
Whizzing faster than the speed of light
Riding cosmic waves around
The Perseus Cluster and its bays
Then glide into a giant wormhole
A shortcut to another side
I wonder, what will I find?
Maybe a planet, with things all alive?
What would they look like?
How do they thrive?  
What type of surroundings have they created?
Will they be aware or pass me by
Not even blink or wonder why..
Why I’m there
Where I’m from
I might even bump into Major Tom
What if I’m minuscule
In a land of giants, the size of a rat
Or worse still like a flee on a rats back
Or maybe l’ll be taller than a dinosaur while they’re
Going about their business in miniature
Would they have their own Area 51
To lock me up
And study me for fun...
Or will they give me a cup of tea
Listen to me with sympathy...
Maybe they’ve evolved to a higher level
No war, famine just optimum survival.
There’s so much out there
To be explored
It’s all so Brobdingnagian, it boggles the mind
This damn beautiful, yet unknown
Universe in which we reside.


Photo credit: Alexander T. Eleftheriou


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