Zombies and Tea

Zombies and Tea

I woke up one morning
Still yawning in my bed
Nothing felt the same,
It was eerily silent, I felt a dread. 

I slowly clambered down the stairs 
The door was open wide 
I called to the family...
Then spotted them outside 

I ran out to see what was happening 
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing 
There in front of me
My sister with her neck bleeding 

All the neighbours in the street 
Bunch of zombies, gnarly creeps 
Insides outside, missing limbs 
Bitten noses, missing cheeks 

Am I the only one still alive... 
I hotfooted it inside to hide 
I hear them bashing at my door 
Smashing the windows as they fall on my floor 

I try to get away up the stairs 
In my room trip over the chairs 
Jump in bed under the duvet 
Frightened, I feel sick and woozy 

I hear scuffles, shrieks, screams and 
Banging, I sheepishly go to take a peek 
Zombies, decapitated at the bottom of 
The stairs in a... bloody, mountainous heap 

I wonder what is going on 
From the kitchen I hear my mother 
"Come down", she calls, "it’s safe 
For now, just me and your brother". 

I gingerly descend the stairs 
Jump over the bloody heap 
Make my way to the kitchen 
At the table my mum and brother sit 

I ask her what is going on 
When did this all begin 
"You slept through it dear". 
She kindly smiles 

"Don’t worry it can keep, 
Now sit down and wipe 
Off that puzzled frown,
I know what you need". 

"I’ll make us all a pile of buttered 
Toast, we all have to eat 
Most importantly, I’m not 
Forgetting the steaming cups of tea". 


Photo Credit: Thank you Nathan Wright on Unsplash.


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