Free Will?

Free Will?
The road ahead
Like a thousand branches of a tree
With each infinitesimal step                     
A light flickers on above
Walking forward blindly feeling
Our way along the outstretched
Tenebrous path
One erroneous turn
Could be a blunder
Each step ventured
A plethora of possibilities
What has gone before is
A lottery that has shaped us
Brought us here, to this very moment
Incrementally, we go into the untold
We may think we have a choice
But we ‘choose’
True to who we are
Our will is not as free as we think
Slaves to our own experience,
Our genes
Our minds groupthink.
We turn and look behind
Where millions of lights led our way
We see all the missed possibilities
Shimmering and blurred
Their outcome will never be known
They reside In the realms of
What if? They may have led us
To our demise or
Maybe a better life
We can’t live with regret because...
We will never know how
Each circumstance
would have played out
What, where or how.
So we need to live in each moment
No turning back
What will be, will keep unfolding
It’s our inevitable footpath.


Photo credit: John Baker on Unsplash


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