A hundred and fifty years after I die
I want to come back to curiously spy
To See what has become of humanity
Has it advanced or...
Descended into insanity...
Will the planet still be here?
Or would the governments
Have annihilated it out of greed and Fear?
A wasteland reduced to rubble
The only survivors would be...
The hardy cockroaches
Reigning supreme, no trouble.
I wonder if any humans would manage
To leave the planet, aboard a shuttle
Whoosh into space and vanish.
Far out into the universe
Going forth to colonise, bring their Baggage
I’m thinking they’d probably transgress Again
Unless they had learnt a very good Lesson
Learnt from their mistakes every person
Maybe I’d find everything improved
Humans living in harmony
Peace, love, renewed.
A utopian paradise where everyone gets Along
No wars, famine or religion.
I’m curious, oh, so curious
I’d love to come back every 50 years
To see how it’s going, what new Frontiers?
It pains me that I’ll die before
We’ve answered more big questions
Had time to explore.
I’ve thought about cryogenics
But really, it’s not for me, if it
Is even possible to be brought back
In the future, a lonely existence...
It would be.


Photo credit: John Jason on Unsplash


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