About Me

You’ve come to this page because you want to know more about me. You may learn something, a little or nothing at all by the end.

I was born sometime between the formation of the earth 4.5 billion years ago and now and I reside somewhere around here  51.5025° N, 0.1188° W.

I’m a poet, skeptic, deep thinker, free spirit, introvert who outroverts on occasion (I don’t think that’s a word but it describes me) a by product of my skepticism is me being an atheist.

I love reading, cooking and baking, going to intimate gigs, learning something new each day. My feet itch to travel, hopefully I will be able to do more of that. I love music anything from Classical, jazz to heavy rock, one of my favourite bands is Opeth, favourite composer Mozart. Piece of music that always makes me cry is Samual Barbers Adagio for Strings. Best gig I’ve ever been to was at St. Pancras Old Church London, a few years ago by a collective known as The Lyrical Nomads, all separate artists in their own right. Also check out Burn The Rez another one of my favourite bands.

I mostly go with the flow, I’m full of contradictions, sometimes I’m a pessimist, sometimes I’m an idealist, I can be the biggest cynic, sometimes not so big. I always give people the benefit of the doubt and I’m very patient, I like to see beyond the facade and give people a chance, there’s always a reason for certain behavior, I try not to be dismissive.

I think others see us differently to how we see ourselves and for this bio I asked friends and acquaintances to describe me in one word, be it good bad or ugly, a few chose more than one word. I know it’s hard for people to give negative feedback and I wanted some but no one was brave enough which I found a little amusing.

These  are some replies, JP said I was indescribable, I liked that one a lot, Claire said I was intelligent, that’s my favorite, Kai said I was daring, sophisticated and open minded, Louise said I was kind as did Alison, Andie said I was caring, Chris said sultry, Matt and Peter said ‘crispy’? I don’t know either. Susan said legs eleven, you had to be there to get that one. Geoff said enigmatic, dark and moody, Jacob said resplendent, Michael said Adroit, love that. Olive said classy, Tom said alluring, Rhyddian said sweet, Christina said, a true lady with style and substance, I’ll pay you later Christina. Sara  and Fliss said lovely, I can’t say what Jimmy said, Karen said gorgeous, Chris said sultry, Vaughn said elegant, T said sarcastic, aloof, present, thinking, also came up with a new word *Darkastic (dark humor and sarcasm) others said funny, beautiful, sexy, grounded. Thank you to everyone and I’m very grateful that no one thinks I’m despicable, hateful and a bore.

I hope you will enjoy reading my work. Please subscribe and comment, feedback is always welcome.

Peace and love

Jules x


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